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What is Badoo?

Badoo is a social application that aims to make people meet, talk, flirt and meet. The difference from Tinder is that it encourages more serious meetings and passes the approval process to people.

In fact, the CEO of the company says that it is more than just the meeting application of Badoo. It is not just a meeting. or you can use it to promote yourself.

Badoo has a lot of familiar features like profile, images, messaging, blocking, and so on.


Badoo also allows you to contact people using nearby Badoo. You can search for people using nearby Badoo. You can also tap on a user to see a user. .


As with the same Tinder, the profile will be displayed and your likes will be recorded on the system, and if Badoo likes you, then it will match.
Badoo Establishment
In 2006, the rare founder of the mysterious founder of Russian-born Andrey Andreev 43-year-old was born in London, where he lived as a website at the time.

When the Badoo was set up, the design was bad because of not being user friendly. But after a short time the design became beautiful and the system was strengthened. After this change, people became popular among people. after re-editing purposes düzenledi.b by a sudden rise in Turkey, including yaşadı.o time had not yet published Badoo app for phones.

In 2007, it had 5 million members, while in 2007 it reached 15 million. It attracted the attention of the Russian investment company Finam, and in 2008 the company invested $ 30 million for 10% of Badoo. .

As additional information, Badoo has been collaborating with Tinder founder Whitney Wolf, who broke up with Tyler and left his own practice, Bumble.

Badoo Data For over 11 years, Badoo has reached 300 million users in 190 countries. Today, more than 400 thousand new members are enrolled daily. hours close to spending hours on Badoo.


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