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There’s no room for panic on the way to marriage!

In the mid-30s, critical times begin for single women. School, education, career, the issue of marriage until this age delays them and a sense of excitement surrounds them. Life is running fast and they haven’t had time to get married and have children yet. ” Danger bell ” sounds. If women who want to get married try to turn their bell into action quickly, they can make the wrong decision… and that’s not the point.

“Be as good as me at least”

Today, educated women are building their lives successfully beyond standing. Some get managerial positions, buy houses, cars, summer houses etc., or even build up. In this case, the expectations of the other man is high. They don’t want a man who gets a lower salary. They believe that in return for their careers in great efforts, their prospective wife should strive as much as she does. And even if they don’t think so, men who have a career with strong women can worry about it. This is an obstacle for women who want to get married. The thought of” life goes out of my hands ” increases the anxiety dose of women’s relationships. The panicked woman says, “all roads must be taken to marriage or they must not be taken to that path.” And he thinks, “she’s 35, she wants to get married and have a kid, but I’m not ready for that.” Maybe that’s why couples can miss the love of their lives.

For this reason, experts recommend that women and men who want to get married should leave their goals aside for at least a while and first look at the harmony between them; that is, they should understand if they are suitable for each other.


Marriage programs are liberators?

The marriage program deals with the stories of two people coming together to marry in front of the millions. The dream of the participants is to find the person they love and make a happy home. This is a normal request for every man and woman who wants to start a family. The marriage program, such as marriage sites, is a tool used on the way to a beautiful Union.

Studies have shown that the perception of marriage program differs from other countries in Turkey. According to this, most of the participants in the marriage program in Turkey see the program as an opportunity and the candidate as a “savior”. For example, a young girl is participating in the program to get rid of her family by setting up a nest. A beautiful and ambitious girl wants to get rid of her social class by finding a wealthy wife she thinks doesn’t belong. A woman who divorces her husband who does not treat her and her children well, tries to get rid of the traces of the first one by trying to get a chance to be happy in a second marriage. An old man who fears to be left in the middle by his deceased wife, then embraces the idea of a marriage program to get rid of his home.

When it’s hard to get married…

The audience does not always find the stories in the program to be true, and they often advocate the opinion that they are watching to empty their minds. Regardless of the research and the results, the truth is that marriage programs will not lose popularity for long periods of time in our day when it becomes increasingly difficult to establish a relationship…



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