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I’m looking for friends

I’m looking for friends
Why do we need friends?

“Those who do not live alone do not know,how to give fear silence to man;how to talk to man with himself;how to run to the mirrors…”

One of the biggest problems of modern loneliness, which has been the subject of poetry and art throughout history… today thousands of Lonely Hearts dream of a beautiful coexistence to get rid of their desolation by saying “I am looking for friends”. Besides, these people don’t build their quest for pure love. Love, understanding, respect, trust, happiness, understanding they’re looking for. “I’m looking for a friend” is a quest like this. That’s why people who want to fill the void in their lives are not attracted to it, but rather to enter different environments, to social media or to Web sites.

Friendships that prolong life

It’s not just our fear of being alone because we say, “I’m looking for friends,” and that’s how we need a sincere conversation… The reason is that social relations, especially an emotional relationship, add value to human life. A strong social base brings happiness and indirectly affects human health.…

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