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Badoo Rejection by a girlfriend

Rejection by a girlfriend

Rejection is a devastating feeling… despite all your positive qualities, rejection of your job application, disapproval of your vital credit request, your lover, despite all the efforts you have made to make sure that the person you love does not want you to leave a trail in your life.

Rejection undermines self-esteem. Especially being rejected by a girlfriend (or vice versa), one’s self-confidence and respect can take away. The interesting thing is that we can take the pain of rejection out of ourselves… For some reason, we blame ourselves. We are inadequate, we shoot dem. We can’t link this attitude to a simple harmony problem, to your Chemistry or to style differences. The lack of expectation of our girlfriend hurts us even more with our anger towards ourselves. In fact, research shows that at the time of rejection, one’s ability to understand and understand for a while has fallen. I mean, that painful moment is getting stuck in it, and it keeps us from thinking healthy.

Repair process

So what do you need to do? First of all, you can not think healthy by reminding yourself to stop looking for the mistake yourself. Inspiring yourself will speed up the healing process. Another way is to be with your relatives who accept you in any way. When you do all this and give yourself some time to start a new one, you can continue your quest for girlfriend with your experience.

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